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Abels resurrect famous Mavrakos chocolate, October 2009
Dan Abel and his family, which own Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co., acquired the rights to the Mavrakos name and plan to unveil a dozen Mavrakos chocolates starting Oct. 21 at its eight stores and in 23 Dierbergs market locations.
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Sweet news: Abel brings back Mavrakos, October 2009
Mention Mavrakos and you’ll hear everybody’s favorites from years’ past, followed by the same question: Where can I get it?
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Welcome back, chocolate, October 2009
Just in time for the annual sugar rush that is Halloween, the folks from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate are relaunching the St. Louis-based chocolate brand Mavrakos
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St. Louis Business Journal editor discusses the headlines, October 2009
There is some sweet news for chocolate lovers. Those are some of the headlines in the latest edition of the St. Louis Business Journal.
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Mavrakos Chocolates, October 2009
In 1984 a sweet St.
Louis tradition known as Mavrakos Chocolate melted away when the company sold to Archibald Candy.
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Historic St. Louis Chocolate Makes Return For The Holidays, October 2009
There's chocolate and then there is Mavrakos Chocolate. The famous St. Louis chocolate disappeared in 1984, but luckily the recipe was purchased by the Abel family of 'Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate' fame. Now Mavrakos Chocolate is making a comeback just in time for the holidays. Dan Abel, Jr. talked more about why the St. Louis favorite is being re-introduced and where you can find it.
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Making a Hash of It, October 2009
My mom used to joke away Freudian scar tissue by saying, “I’d sell my mother for chocolate.” If her secretarial job looked wobbly, she’d cheer herself up by saying, “I’d rather be dippin’ chocolates for Mavrakos.”
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Spicy Bits, October 21, 2009
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. owner Dan Abel has relaunched the Mavrakos chocolate brand started in 1913 by longtime Ladue residents John and Madeline Mavrakos
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Concierge Preferred, November 6, 2009
Mmmm . . . Mavrakos Chocolates are Back!
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Sauce Magazine, October 28, 2009
The reintroduction of Mavrakos chocolate and Pi's new Kirkwood location
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St. Louis Jewish Light, November 2009
"The second tidbit has to do with another rebirth, only this time it is Mavrakos candy, which stopped production of its tasty chocolate concoctions in the mid-1980s. Last week it was announced that Dan Abel and his family, owners of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co., acquired the rights to the Mavrakos name and have started selling 11 kinds of Mavrakos chocolates at its stores and at most Dierbergs markets."

St. Louis Magazine, November 2009
"Remember Mavrakos? You know, that chocolate company that every St. Louisan of a certain age recalls with a certain twinkle in their eye?..."St. Louisans are real loyal to their city, and Mavrakos is a St. Louis tradition."
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Candy and Snack Today, November 2009
"Mavrakos brand chocolates has been reintroduced under new owners, Abel’s Chocolates, Inc."
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Hot Gifts Under $100, December 2009
"'Tis the season for Smart Shopping.  Let this be your guide to the best holiday gifts to give (and to get) this year, no matter the budget."
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Old Brands, Renewed, December 2009
"When Mavrakos Chocolates reappeared this year, excited gasps arose"
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  Remember Mavrakos Candy? It's Back, February 2010
"The leather-bound Mavrakos candy recipe book, filled with yellowed, handwritten pages, is tucked away in a safe deposit box. It's brought out only when one of its sweet secrets needs to be carefully copied."
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  Sweet Memories Rekindle With Mavrakos Return, January 2010
"Throughout life there are those foods that reach mythical status...such describes Mavrakos candies"

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Mavrakos Chocolates are available again, February 2010
"Mavrakos has reemerged under the name of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company"
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