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"Mavrakos has always been the standard of gourmet chocolate.  We STILL have customers coming in our store asking about Mavrakos, 25 years after they closed"
- Dan Abel Jr.

"I’m a former employee of Mavrakos. Mavrakos was my first real job. I began working part time in the South County branch in 1967 and transferred to 2 locations downtown St. Louis. I worked for this great company until 1971. My favorite memory is receiving cartons of the fresh chocolates so that we could prepare pound boxes to sell in the store. At that time candy was coming directly from the factory. We were always allowed to eat as much as we wanted as long as we do not take it out of the store. Seem like we never tired of eating it."
- Dona T

"The other evening, I happened to be listening to KMOV News.  I was sooo surprised and satisfied they had a piece about bringing Marakos Candies back to St. Louis.  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You see, my siblings, and I, were spoiled by our Mother working as an employee for Marakos Candies!!!!  My sister and I were just talking about how delicious those chocolate covered strawberries tasted....hmmmmm good.  and till this day, I haven't tasted a chocolate covered strawberry, like the ones Mother would bring home.  From the peanut patties, ju ju berries, carmel covered peanut apples, everything Mother brought home to us was DELICIOUS!!!!  My Mother and Dad are now deceased, but oh how we all were blessed to have my Mother, work at Mavrakos, to delight us and spoil us with so many delicious memories. She worked at several stores back then, the one on Delmar, Grand, and in Clayton.  Of course, they are not in these locations now....but we remember visiting our Mother, at these stores, while she worked happily at Mavrakos, to take care of her family....and that she did!!!! My siblings and I will definitely patronize your business. Thanks for giving a long lasting memory of my Mother and those special delights she brought home to her family........thanks for sharing Mavrakos Candies.....we will pass on this "sweet" tradition of sharing to our children, family, and friends."
- Betty W.

"I can remember purchasing the slabs back in the mid to late 70's. My father had to hide them, being  a father of 11 and thank goodness the slab came in an envelope package. My father LOVED his Mavrakos broken milk chocolate. I did purchase the pecan bar on Wednesday and boy did that taste bring back my childhood. i was a little shocked over the so familiar taste. I thought the taste wouldbe different and boy was I wrong!! It was and has always been so DELICIOUS! Thank you for bringing such a "sweet" St. Louis tradition back to life !!"
- Cyndy K.

"I remember as a child the sweet chocolates of Mavrakos because they were ever present in our home. Our favorite season was fall when the Chocolate Covered Strawberries became available along with their forever famous Carmel Candy Apples with nuts. No company has been able to duplicate those flavors; along with all their other candies we loved their candy so very much.  My Mother worked as an assistant manager and manager at the Grand location across from the Fox Theater and the Frontenac Location which she later retired from; she went on to do other things but her time at Mavrakos was history making. I can only say that those were magical days for me as a child along with my siblings and friends and I hold them dear to my heart. Whenever, I am in the city near those old store locations my heart skips a beat and a smile comes upon my face and I can still smell the scent of Mavrakos Candies."
- Marilyn C.

"How Mavrakos chocolate (eggs) became a legend at the Rogers:
Back when my children were young (1970's), Easter tradition included the Easter basket, full of candy.  For sure in St. Louis, some of that candy was always Mavrakos chocolate in the form of a chocolate rabbit and, of course, the chocolate marshmallow eggs. We would have 3 baskets filled every Easter, one for each of the two kids and one for "Mom and Dad".  Each basket would have 3 or 4 of everyone's favorite, Mavrakos marshmallow eggs.  I  found out many years later that the dozen (or fewer) shared chocolate eggs began life as 3 dozen.  (That's the way they were packaged) Where were all the eggs?  Why did I only get 1 or 2? Simple:  Every year my wife would purchase the eggs a few weeks ahead of time and "stash" them, picking at them periodically until Easter.  Her weakness for chocolate marshmallow eggs was eventually revealed but the hiding spot has never been divulged...The tradition ended and the legend began with the demise of Mavrakos...nothing could take its place."
-Steve R.

"My Mother worked at the Clayton Court House in the early 1950s.  When she worked half-a-day on some Saturdays my Sister and I accompanied her, riding all the way on the County Bus Line from Kirkwood.  While we were still not teenagers, times being what they were, we were free to wander and gaze at the marvelous toys in that store and check out the records at the Klines' Record Bar and look at the huge assortment of magazines in the store catty-corner from the Courthouse.  But the high point was always a visit to the Mavrakos store - oh, my!  I know we must have seemed like the Clampett kids, just in from the sticks with our noses pressed against the glass...but, it was different from our Woolworths...And then - after work, Mom would take us actually INSIDE that warm store where chocolate just infused the air and we inhaled that richness deeply.  And then - we would get our favorite - Heavenly Hash!  Mom would get her favorite, which was the Molasses Puffs; Dad got nothing - he was not with us.  It's amazing how we could make our little sacks last all the way out to Kirkwood.  Anyway - Thanks for this opportunity to share!  Also - I've never forgotten that logo!  Marvelous Mavrakos!"
-Thomas M.

"I was born and raised in St. Louis but now live in Nashville, TN.  I recently made a trip back ‘home’ to be with family and was in Dierbergs when I came across a table display with Mavrakos boxes.  I nearly fainted right then and there.  I was so excited, like a kid in a candy store (no pun intended…he he).  I immediately grabbed a big box of Pecan Burrs and held them to my chest and wonderful memories came flooding back.  My grandmother lived in Clayton on Central Ave., and I fondly remember the store at the corner of Central and Forsyth.  She LOVED her chocolate and always kept an assortment box in a drawer in her dining room.  Naturally, being a little kid, I knew exactly where it was.  Thank you for bringing back, in my opinion, the best chocolate and especially keeping the Pecan Burrs (aka turtles) just as I remember them!"

A true chocoholic!
Sally K.

"I purchased 2 boxes of Mavrakos Heavenly Hash for my mom for her 86th birthday this weekend. She was astonished to see her favorite name on the boxes and it nearly brought a tear to her eye @ the first taste!! Thank you Mavrakos, for making mom’s BD so special."
-Mary P.

"Born and raised in St. Louis, we moved to Colorado while I was still in college.  Mavrakos is part of my growing up, part of my memories, a comfort food.  Heavenly Hash, that was my very favorite!  I remember being sad when I heard that Mavrakos was no longer.   Not too long ago my stepmother and I were talking about Mavrakos and Heavenly Hash, shortly after that she found a recipe in her newspaper for Rocky Road candy.  She sent the recipe to me so I could try it.  I sent it to a friend in an email and wanted to tell her about Mavrakos and how good their Heavenly Hash was - to make sure I was spelling Mavrakos correctly I did a computer search hoping it would turn up.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a website for Mavrakos and discovered the Abel family had decided to "re-launch" some of this wonderful candy!
 Thank you - how wonderful to see the great Mavrakos logo once again!"

"Walking through Dierbergs last week I was so surprised to see Mavrakos on display.  My 19 year old daughter made the comment I looked like I saw a ghost.  I reminded her of the Mavrakos Chocolate Rabbit Box we have at home that I bought in an antique store about 20 years ago. I have fond memories of Mavrakos.  It was my grandmothers favorite candy.  Our family favorite was the Molasses Puffs.  I just found out today that the same recipe is being sold in your Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate line of candy.   I can't wait to see my mom's face when I get a box over to her soon. Welcome back to St Louis!"
-Terry S.

"I remember the delicious Mavrakos chocolates in sheets of triangle pieces wrapped in brown paper. There was never a time without a package of the chocolate in the top of my dad's closet and / or one in the freezer. It was a staple in our house.  When I heard Mavrakos was back, it went to the top of my gift giving list."
-Eileen L.

"My grandmother Tillie managed a Mavrakos store on Grand until she passed away in 1965.  You can imagine my childhood, candy for every occasion.  I even got to tour the chocolate factory when I was 12, it was an unforgettable memory I carry with me always.
My ultimate favorite is the dark chocolate covered molasses puffs, to die for, literally, which you sell under the parent company along with the milk and dark chocolate solid breakup blocks. Once you taste Mavrakos candies you'll understand.
-Pam V.

"Growing up in the Hyde Park area of North St. Louis in the 50's and 60's, there were not a lot of extravagances in our household.  My father worked early morning hours at a packing house and my mother was a stay-at-home mom, as was the norm.  We owned one car, and rented the second floor of a two-family flat from my grandmother--who lived downstairs.  The one thing that my father splurged on for my mother, sister and me was Mavrakos chocolates on special occasions.  I can still remember each and every Valentine's Day morning.  When I came to the breakfast table, Dad had left a Blue Ribbon assortment at Mom's place at the table, and smaller boxes of Mavrakos chocolate for my sister and me.  Easter morning found our baskets filled with Mavrakos SOLID chocolate bunnies, foil-covered eggs, crème eggs and marshmallow eggs.  I am SO EXCITED that Mavrakos candy is back in St. Louis.  A taste of the heavenly chocolate will be on my Christmas list this year."
-Nadine B

"When I heard that Mavrakos was being re-introduced to St. Louis, it was like the past had been reborn.  My grandfather, Louis N. Markuly, worked at Mavrakos for many years, he was a head candy maker for this wonderful St. Louis institution.  I immediately called my brothers and sister with the news.  We even stopped by the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. store in Kirkwood to buy something we grew up with as children, for my grandfather's house was filled with chocolate 365 days a year.  As a child, I was allergic to chocolate, something that I did out-grow, but it did not prevent me back then from sneaking a piece just about every time, which I did pay for dearly.  By re-introducing this great chocolate recipe, the Abel family has given my family a grandiose journey into our past, and at a most precious time. Our stop at the Kirkwood store was just after leaving Jefferson Barracks, and the burial of our mother.  Now, Mom and Dad are reunited again, and we could celebrate her passing with the chocolate that seemed to define our family for decades."
-Kirk M.

"I can’t tell you how very delighted I was to receive a box of coconut crescents from my sister in St. Louis for Christmas.  This has always been my very favorite candy since I was a child in St. Louis.   We’re talking 1945 to 1961 at this point…we were not just frequent, but CONSTANT customers at the store on Grand Avenue next to Pope’s Cafeteria and across from Third Baptist Church.  Thanks…delighted to hear Mavrakos is back."
-Christopher L.

"Thank you so much for bringing back the wonder flavors of Mavrakos Chocolate. What a treat to eat an old favorite - Heavenly Hash! I remember the Mavrakos store on Grand and Humphrey. There is no other smell like it in this world."
-Joyce H.

"My mother worked for mavrakos in jefferson city for approximately 20 years.  the store was located on the corner of high street and madison.  it was a great location and always very busy.  i'll never forget how wonderful my mother always smelled when she came home from work.  the smell of chocolate was all about her.  mavrakos chocolates were the finest.  for easter, mom always made sure me and my four sisters had plenty of candy in our easter baskets from mavrakos.  one particular easter my mother had made a serious mistake.  an order was placed for delivery to the sugerbaker family on friday to be delivered saturday.  my mother forgot the delivery.  on easter morning we received a call at our home from the lady who had placed the order.  it was too late for the store to get out a delivery.  that easter the five of us girls gave up our baskets of chocolates and the coconut layer cake that mom had baked for us and we delivered all of our chocolates to the sugerbaker family.  i am so happy that mavrakos is back in business.  i now live in arizona, but the distance will never be too far for me to have it shipped."
-P.nentwig davis

"I was a freshman in college in 1966, my first time away from home for any length of time. Mom and Dad sent letters and other things to ease my homesickness. One of the things they sent was a box of Mavrakos chocolates because they were a special treat for our family. Unfortunately, someone in the postal service also knew what that name on the box signified, and by the time the package reached me, it had been opened, plundered, and wired shut with little left for me. Some postal service employee had quite a feast at my expense. I still remember the holidays made more special by these great chocolates."
- Nancy O.

"We could not be more excited to see our absolute favorite chocolates back on the market.  You are missing our very favorite candy that we remember our Dad bringing home to us a few times a year when we were children in the 60’s though.  He used to bring home a big sheet of chocolate triangles and that was our most cherished treat!  We hope you will bring that back as well.  I think they sold sheets and half sheets.
Thanks so much for recreating our memories!"
-Dana M.

"Thank you for bringing back a family tradition.
My mother's mother was the first of 11 children born in St Louis in 1895 to the Mundloch family whose father was a driver of a horse-drawn, streetcar. On a trip with her cousin, she met and eventually married my grandfather in Houston, Texas. One of her brothers, known to us as The Fat Man, used to send her a box of Mavrakos molasses puff every Christmas and eventually did the same for us kids. Let me tell you we kids so looked forward to that delivery every year!
That candy was so amazing! Incredibly different from any other candy but, moreover, not to be found anywhere in Texas. But, even more incredibly, not to be found anywhere else either. For over the years in my Air Force career, everywhere I've lived I've looked for it when in any candy shop; but, nowhere was anything called molasses puff ever to be found, and it was extremely rare to find anything similar. Almost all attempts I've seen at making something like molasses puff were called seafoam; but, make no mistake, none ever achieved the lightness and crispiness of Mavrakos, and even the closest ones made the mistake of coating it with too much chocolate.
I'm sure I speak for the whole family when I say that not a year has gone by since Uncle Ben passed that we have not thought of those heavenly shipments at Christmastime."
Bradford Stephen Kyle, Capt, USAF (retired)
"The year was 1945, I worked at a factory in St.Louis,Mo not far from the,"Mavrakos  store  on Grand Ave in St.Louis,Mo, the girls I worked with, after we got paid on Sat, we would go to the,"Mavrakos candy store, and buy the big chuncks of Milk Chocolate ,MMMMMMM soooo good!!!
             THe BEST chocolate ever!!!"

 -Anna B.

"I grew up in Jefferson City and now live in Louisiana, and I have searched for you ever since you left Jefferson City.  I finally found an ad from a bookstore in Jefferson City that sells your candies and ordered some last Easter.  I am happy that you are still around and I am enjoying still  a few of the boxes of Easter eggs that you are famous for"
-Bob L.
"As a young girl growing up, my godparents, who lived in St. Louis,  would send me a Mavrakos chocolate bunny or a marshmallow pecan egg every year at  Easter.   I always looked forward to that special treat from them.  As they got older, and so did I, the chocolates no longer came.  I often times wondered if the Mavrakos chocolates still existed.  I was on my computer recently and put in a search for Mavrakos.  Much to my surprise, I found out that the chocolates were once more being made.  I had to make  a trip to St. Louis recently.   While there, I made a special effort to get to a Dierbergs store to see if I could find the marshmallow pecan candy.  Much to my surprise, I was able to purchase a bar to bring back home with me.  I broke into it today and was taken back forty years to those days of my youth.  Thanks so much for the wonderful chocolate and for the fond memories.  I am glad to know that Mavrakos is alive and well!"
-Laurie L

“I cannot tell you how many happy memories come to mind when I think about Mavrakos!  I know that sounds so silly to talk about a company this way, but Mavrakos is almost a character in the constellation of my childhood memories!   My Dad always bought my Mom a box of dark chocolate crescents for the ‘occasions’ in her life---anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, and the holidays.  And then at Easter the kids got the marshmallow eggs in their baskets and each of us got our very own solid chocolate bunny---yum, yum!!!!!  These treats were savored by the recipient and slowly consumed over the days and weeks to make the experience last!

As the years went by, our family moved to all parts around the country and when Mavrakos closed, it became a fond but mostly forgotten memory except when comparing notes with other chocolate lovers.   In its absence, I eventually became a See’s candies person, but although their candies are good, they never quite filled the hole in my heart for long lost Marvakos!  

With the rise of the internet, I had actually searched for information about Mavrakos more than once over the recent years trying to find out what happened to the company,  but the information available very sketchy.  I think I even had the bright idea of thinking maybe I could resurrect the candies as a second career.  Hah! With no candy making experience whatsoever, I am so glad to see you beat me to the punch @:-)

Now I can’t remember who told me Mavrakos was alive again but I couldn’t have been more excited.   I can really relate to some of the Mavrakos-lovers when they describe stopping dead in the tracks when they saw the candies displayed in Dierberg’s.   Thank you for breathing life back into this wonderful St. Louis tradition and my sincerest wishes for every success.”
-Barbara M.

"When I was a kid growing up in Springfield, Mo, we would  drive  to St. Louis and spend a few days each summer,  to see a show at the Municipal Opera aka the Muny, attend a Cardinals game, shop.We always stayed downtown at the  Hotel Mayfair. A trip to St, Louis meant a trip to the nearest Mavrakos store which was downtown. I was pretty young so  not sure of the location. My mom loved Mavrako's and would buy boxes of the heavenly hash (pecan chocolate marshmallow log) to take back home. It's not called that now but I am pretty sure that was what she called it.She loved that candy. I had no idea that the candy brand was back. It was so good."
-Jim S.

"So many memories of Mavrakos!  My first taste of Mavrakos happen as a child my aunt brought so home for Christmas.  She worked for a Mr. Grover, I believe he was the Pres. of one of  the big banks in St. Louis.  He lived at the Gray Stone Building on Euclid.  The candy was a Christmas gift and we loved all of it.  This got me hooked on Mavrakos.  Later in my life I attended Gradwhol School of Laboratory Technique and lived at Catherine Springer.  On my way to school I walked passed Mavrakos every morning for a year and stopped in often, my favorite thing was the Carmel apples, which were a fall item and I am going to check to see if they still have them right now."
Della A.  

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